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We love the music and listen to Beach Music every day. We at Beach Music LIVE are big fans of the bands. We love going to the events and sharing our experience here on the website and facebook. Technology is changing so much and this service to may change, depending on what changes they make at facebook without warning. We plan to cover as much as we can and share as much live content that we can for those that cannot be there LIVE in person.

Beach Music LIVE is best on Facebook.

Please visit our facebook page to see LIVE Videos and News Updates about LIVE Beach Music Events as they are happening. We hope to bring your many clips and videos from LIVE Beach Music Band Shows and Concerts. Most of our videos are being recorded live in Ocean Drive and the North Myrtle Beach Area. Occasionally, we venture out away from the Grand Strand. If you would like for us to cover a specific event, please use the contact form at this website.

Please Note: These videos are being filmed LIVE as they happen. Sometimes, the audio might not sound exactly like it does on location. There are a lot of variables that affect the quality of these LIVE Videos and many of them are out of our control. Thanks for watching the videos and thanks for all the support. We have a great time doing these and making them available for you to watch. Thank for the likes, the comments and the shares.

Want to Help?

We are looking for contributors. If you or someone you know likes to video the bands and share them across social media, please use our contact form here at the website or contact us through facebook messages.