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The Tams LIVE in Calabash

It was another awesome time in Calabash, NC – The Tams from Hotlanta Georgia showed up for the Tuesday Night Calabash Concert Series. They blew the place up. Everyone I saw was excited to see the Tams in this free concert to the public. I had a great time hanging out with my buddy, Jay Kinlaw, the host and emcee…

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The Tams were LIVE at the Galleon

Wow! The Mighty Mighty Tams were LIVE at the Spanish Galleon in North Myrtle Beach on Sunday night for the Holiday Weekend Blowout. It was my mom’s birthday and I was very happy to be able to have her and dad along with my Aunt Shirley at the show on Sunday night in the Galleon. The Tams put on one…

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Jim Quick at the OD Pavilion

It was a BIG Day on Sunday afternoon with Jim Quick & Coastline – The boys were back again for another HOT Day in Ocean Drive. It was a special day for April Sain as lots of friends showed up to help her celebrate her 40th Birthday! Watch some of the videos we recorded LIVE on Sunday afternoon from the…

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Fantastic Shakers in Calabash

The early rain in the afternoon threatened to cancel the show. That didn’t happen and if you were in Calabash last night, you experienced another Big Show by Bo Schronce and the Fantastic Shakers. The Calabash Concert Series continued last night with one of the best in Beach Music once again. There was a lot of shagging and some line…

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Blackwater at Ducks

Wow! These guys are TIGHT! Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band is one of my favorite bands for many reasons. This band is bringing a great show every time out. Last Night, they had Ducks Rockin! It was packed for the first night of a 2 night series at Ducks on Main Street. If you missed them last night, you can…

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Entertainers in OD – NMB

The Entertainers were in Ocean Drive on Thursday Night for the FREE Music on Main Series. The OD Horseshoe was packed. It was the first show that did not allow the golf carts inside the horseshoe and many thought it might hurt the crowd. I can assure you that the attendance was not affected. It was BIG! Look for some…

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Band of Oz in Calabash

Last Night, we crossed the NC/SC State Line again to catch the FREE Concert in Calabash Community Park. The Legendary Band of Oz took the stage and gave another incredible performance. My friend, Jay Kinlaw – The Superjock JJ, did a great job as host and emcee once again. He had double duty last night as he gave live updates…

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Blackwater in Calabash

Last night, we had a very short drive across the State Line to Calabash, NC. The Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band kicked off the Concert Series BIG Time! The Superjock JJ was host Emcee. We always have a good time hanging out with Jay Kinlaw. It was a great crowd. The town of Calabash has stepped it up this year…

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Carolina Beach Music Festival Videos

We were in Carolina Beach for the 31st Annual Carolina Beach Music Festival on Saturday, June 4th. It was a great lineup with North Tower, Band of Oz, Jim Quick & Coastline. Mike Worley from Edge Entertainment and the EDGE Radio Show on Shag City USA was the host emcee for the day. The early risers were entertained by Mike…

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Midnight Allie Rocks the SeaWitch

We were in Carolina Beach on June 3rd to see Midnight Allie at the SeaWitch Tiki Bar and Cafe. This was the 3rd installment of the Edge Music Series. The place was packed and I think Midnight Allie has a lot of new fans. Check out some of the videos that were recorded LIVE posted at the facebook pages for…

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